Posted 30th April 2016
Well, I let updates on this website go slack. It's mostly been due to progress being so slow, but without having to mess with it for so long, I think I kinda forgot about it... :/

So, there has been a little progress, but not a whole lot of it is worth mentioning specifically, yet. I have posted a few updates on some of my personal sites, though, so to get you caught up, here are some links:

Technical teaser and announcement of cleaning up and finishing "v4.0" as its own game
Joke teaser video of a bug I came across while working
Teaser image of something I was testing
A post containing an explanation of the teaser image

Since then, I've actually taken on another contract job that I will probably be dealing with for a while to come. This means that it will be practically impossible for me to do any work on projects like this myself until the job is over, similar to when I was working for SEGA on the Sonic 1 and 2 remasters for mobile platforms. After that, however, I can continue with the "completion" of "v4" "Sonic 1 Megamix" and again look toward the future of the still-developing "Sonic Megamix"

In the mean-time, I've also placed a later Genesis build of Sonic 1 Megamix on SEGA's Steam Workshop. It's actually not a true "release" build, but, well, that's all covered in the description


Posted 21st August 2014
If you use or have used this and end up regretting it, don't blame us. That's not meant to be funny, and I genuinely mean it. If you don't know why, then continue reading first and find out, and see how I was made to have to waste time doing this instead of further developing the game'5.0',_broken,_incomplete,_not_a_legitimate_release,_extreme_spoilers).rar

The above-linked archive contains an in-progress build from mid-2011. It was never intended for release, but shortly after it was built and uploaded in private by one member to show the rest of the team, someone found an exploitable script that was installed by someone else somewhere on the webserver that we use, which was in a place that actually had absolutely nothing to do with us yet made us vulnerable anyway. While exploiting it, they invaded our private folders, saw and downloaded this build, and then released it in an open and explicit attempt to spite "Sonic Retro" even though Megamix is not a "Sonic Retro" project, and several dev team members have little-to-nothing to do with Retro politics. When this person backed down, another person who downloaded it from the then-public links took it upon himself to do nothing more than openly and explicity defy authority and common decency by plastering his name all over it and further distributing it himself. When this left the spotlight, this build was relegated to back-water sites and eventually random youtube videos, which quickly moved up in search ranking and started becoming listed as "suggested videos" on legitimate Megamix teaser and playthrough videos. Slowly, the number of videos containing footage from and links to the leak grew, exponentially increasing the likelihood that anyone would see it, until it finally forced its way into open waters again. It's being incorrectly passed off as "Current Version", "5.0", and "Final", to name the most prominent

We can't afford to care about this anymore, so rather than let people continue spreading misinformation and swelling their egos over doing nothing, we're making it available ourselves with this statement. This is not "a release" in the traditional sense, and we honestly would prefer that you do not download and play it. Do not call it "a release" because the implication is thoroughly misleading. It's unstable in general, it probably doesn't work very well on hardware, and the majority of the new content is unfinished and unpolished, even in cases where it might appear otherwise (Ex: COZ3 appears "complete" because I intended to use it in a private demonstration), yet there are still extreme spoilers. If we intended a release, it would have been polished and stable, so, if for some reason you decide to subject yourself to this build in any way, then it is you who have made the choice to both frustrate yourself and diminish the impact that the final product will have on you by means of spoiling newer content either through extended unofficial viewing materials or especially by experiencing gameplay, some of which will not change much, if at all. This was not our intent, we did not make the decision, we are trying to warn you, and we can not be held responsible

This has become so rampant that we apparently have no choice but to forego calling the next version "5.0" because we do not want this causing confusion with the in-progress build and the future release. Do not call it "Final"; it is far from "Final". If you see any variation of "5.0", it is this build. If you see "Final", check,, and If it does not appear in all three locations, you are being lied to. If you see it being called "Beta", then that's just plain ignorant, because "Beta" does not occur until after the main gameplay mode is playable from start to finish and its content is considered almost final, thus placing this build firmly in early "Alpha" stage. If you absolutely must call this anything other than "2011 leak", call it "5.0a", and include both the build date of June 28th, 2011 and the fact that it is not a true release somewhere prominent

This is extremely outdated and, again, was never intended for actual release. We are not looking for comments; it is not in a presentable state, nor is anything finished. We are not looking for bug reports; we were in the middle of things and already knew about most issues when this build was taken from us, and current builds are much more stable. We are not looking for suggestions; this is unfinished, unstable, and outdated. We want to make our own decisions and not be told to do what we've already done or would probably have done anyway

The only differences between this distribution and others are the inclusion of this text file both in the package and on the iso image, and the use of the soundtrack that we were using in-development as opposed to broken and/or completely random sets. Tracks 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 24, and 25 are placeholders and are not intended for the final game. Track 5 was a WIP track borrowed from Dioxaz's "ArmEggeddon Project", and 25 is an OCRemix by analoq. If you must hear the soundtrack that accompanies the most prominent illegitimate distribution, get it here, but know that it is not sanctioned by us and we are not responsible for its content. The initial leak was not accompanied by a CD soundtrack, and many people posting videos have been filling it in with whatever random thing they wanted

If you have to distribute this build, distribute this complete package, unmodified. If you have to showcase this build or any portion of it, include this complete text, unmodified. If you have to cross-post any of the music tracks, include this complete text, unmodified

Do not assume that Megamix has been "cancelled". After the multitude of times that we've said that it won't be, you must think very poorly of us to believe that we rank among the people who make those claims and then silently give up without admitting to it. Having to constantly say this is getting to be too much


Posted 9th March 2013
A lot is happening in the lives of Team Megamix. Each member is dealing with their own personal circumstances, including but not limited to moves and major job opportunities. This has put Megamix on hiatus, but we're far from finished. Be patient; we want this as much as you do

Posted 30th January 2012
Welcome to the Team Megamix website, the new home of Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix. We decided to launch this website after all the confusion as to who Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix should be credited to. This will hopefully clear things up a bit, and prevent confusion in the future.

Please bear with us a bit as things aren't exactly complete on this website yet, but rest assured once it is done it'll contain all the information about Team Megamix, Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix and any future projects we decide to do that you could ever want!